Plastics & Polymers

The unique Borstar process and catalyst technology enables golden wheels to provide a differentiated range of

polyethylene and polypropylene innovative plastics solutions for infrastructure applications,

automotive components and advanced packaging.

Medical Polymers

Our polymers have been developed and tested for properties specifically required for medical and pharmaceutical applications. Customers can rely on consistently high quality materials to help advance healthcare and medical devices and protect pharmaceuticals.


With a long track record in developing innovative plastics solutions for the automotive market and several international certifications, Golden wheels is a leading supplier to this rapidly expanding industry.
We provide tailor-made solutions for dashboards, door side claddings, front end carriers, air vent systems, bumpers and under body shields.

Energy and communication cables

Golden wheels is the leading supplier of insulation, semi-conductive and jacketing materials for the wire and cable industry.
We have solutions for low, medium and high voltage energy transmission and distribution cables, data and communication cables, as well as building and automotive wires.

Pipe Systems

Golden wheels pipe grades are used in water and gas distribution, waste and sewage disposal, chemical and industrial projects, irrigation systems, domestic plumbing and heating and cooling systems, as well as oil and gas exploration and transportation.
Setting standards in the industry, our solutions add value through improved processing characteristics, lower maintenance, lower installation costs, longer product lifetimes, increased safety and elimination of leakages.

Packaging Products

Golden wheels provides a range of innovative plastics solutions, utilising proprietary technologies for a variety of high-performance flexible packaging applications. Our grades are particularly suitable in co-extruded structures such as lamination, exclusive carrier bags, high strength packaging, frozen and snack food packaging, shrink films and greenhouse films.
We also provide innovative plastics solutions for rigid plastic applications such as healthcare, boxes, trays, pallets, bottles and caps and closures.