We offer masterbatches that meet demand and criteria of food packaging norms in pure polymers by our converter customers, for application in their Blow film, Cast film, Agriculture film, Injection molding, Bottle blow molding, Multilayer blow molding, Compression molding, Rotomolding, Film extrusion, Sheet extrusion, Co/Multilayer extrusion, Wire & cables, Calendaring, Non—woven bags and Monofilament.

PP Masterbatches

Golden wheels Provides PP Masterbatches for the following applications, which impart greater efficiencies, excellent dispersion, and smooth processability.

  • PP Non-Woven Fabrics
  • PPR Pipes
  • PP Fibres

PET Masterbatches

Golden wheels offer extensive range of masterbatches for PET Fibres & PET Bottles which meet stringent requirements of food/packaging (FDA Approved) with brilliance in transparency & color strength. The colors can be formulated in a vast array of bright & rich shades that frequently cannot be achieved with traditional pigment / dye technology

General Color Masterbatches

We have supplied and have 18,500 plus recipe collection in our color library. These are constantly increasing due to ongoing specific customer requirements. All color matching and development is done in house with our suppliers in our state of the art laboratories.

Special EffectMasterbatches

Golden wheels work with a broad palette of pigments to provide the most aesthetically unique range of special effects, these include: impart metallic, pearl, gold, silver, fluorescent, dotted and perfumed effects.

Additive Masterbatches

Polymers, when subject to prolonged exposure to sunlight, undergo rapid aging resulting in deterioration of mechanical properties caused by chain break down, cross linking, discoloration, deterioration in optical properties. golden wheels provides this additive masterbatches counter this deteriorations, this products include Anti-slip, Anti-block, Anti-static, Anti-fogging, Anti-microbial, Anti-oxidant, slip, processing Aids, UV, IR, optical brighter, frame retardant, moisture absorber, blowing agent, purging compound, chain extender UV barrier, clarifying and nucleating.

Unique Oxo-biodegradable Additive Masterbatches

EP OBD Eco-protect, which is certified by ESMA UAE S 5009:2009. This standard is based on AST D 6954 and BS 8472

Filler Masterbatches

Filler masterbatches are based on calcium carbonate and talc. They are used for property modification (e.g. as anti-split in PP tapes and as impact modifiers in PP) or for reducing cost and improving processing of plastic products.

Tailor Made Masterbatches

These masterbatches are made through close technical cooperation with customers to address specific needs. They contain different types of additives in the right proportion for producing a specific product (e.g. UV+antioxidants+infra-red+anti-drip for greenhousefilms).